the wish list

  • digital watch that sits low on the wrist preferably black (my current one makes a huge bump in my shirts/hoodies)
  • scone mix (http://www.harney.com/Sticky-Fingers-Scone-Mix/products/342/)
  • barnes & noble gift card
  • starbucks gift card (for unsweetened black tea lemonade... YUM!)
  • Command hooks
  • pretty/function way to keep a rolling pin from rolling off the counter while not in use (command hook wall mount? does that exist?)

The SOME DAY Toys:

  • iPod Touch (64GB) - I have too much music
  • Digital SLR Camera

It would seem like I would like it, but strangely no

  • Harney & Son's Cinnamon Tea
  • Apple Cider Tea


Anonymous said...

this is an example of how comment on my blog if you want to try and coordinate anything or reserve something :-)

Laurie said...

when ya ask for things that come in sizes, ya need to put da size

Laurie said...

which cs? do you have access to a student price through NEU?

Rachel C said...

they do not have sizing info on the site so for tops I'm guessing I'm a medium or a large and for trousers I'm a 4 or 6 long, just in case you ever need that info.

For PS CS 2, 3, or 4 will work and yes I have student access (as do you if you use my MyNEU portal)